Living Off The Grid in Alaska


Living Off The Grid in Alaska
Last Edited: 2-12-23

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Living Off The Gr...


Off the gridLiving Off The Grid is a true story about growing up and living off the grid in wild Alaska, far from the metropolitan areas of Anchorage and Fairbanks. The author’s amazing and entertaining story sounds like something out of the 1800’s. It’s about the struggles of hunting in the mountains to get enough meat to feed the entire family through the 9 month long winters that reached temperatures as low as -75° F. You’ll appreciate the humorous outhouse stories as well as the scary stories of what it’s like to get caught in the Yukon or Tanana Rivers and dragged downward by the heavy silt into a dark mirky icy cold grave.

Living Off The Grid is Harsh

Living off the gridThe harsh realities of the Alaskan wilderness are full of lessons that transcend time. Living off the grid in a remote cabin, hunting, fishing, and surviving off the land bring to life profound wisdom for living today. The author shares incredible stories of growing up without modern conveniences, and having to learn how to create an exciting life full of passion and breaking through mental boundaries that limit most people and stop them from achieving their dreams in life. This is a true real life story.

Living Off The Grid is as much a motivational and inspiring book as it is a true experience that will make you both laugh and cry. The author expressed how writing the book brought back a flood of good memories that were surprisingly therapeutic for him. The story takes place in remote Alaska in a 900 square foot cabin without electricity, without running water, without plumbing, and only a Coleman lantern for light and a homemade wood stove for heat. The story starts when the author was 9 years old right after the great Anchorage earthquake in 1964. And what a contrast living then was compared to living today in the State of Washington in modern society.

Living Off The Grid Stories

Off the grid in alaskaYou’ll laugh a lot in Living Off The Grid about the unique challenges that city dwellers never will experience, about unanticipated surprises, the special times that create lifetime memories, dating Eskimos, racing outhouses on the 4th of July, building a 5-story tree fort, and much more.

The heart warming stories will touch your heart, and probably make you long for simpler times when life was safter, taxes lower, and freedom of speech still was a constitutional right. The author has said, “I wish I could go back and live like that again, but it’s not possible.” You can’t go back in time either, but you can enjoy the stories of what it was like living off the grid in Alaska long ago.

This book is a good read, and if you want a stress or anxiety reducer, this book will take you to a peaceful place for sure.


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