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Affiliate Marketing: How to Become an Affiliate and Earn Commissions

Do you know about affiliate marketing? Do you have a popular Youtube channel or blog or podcast that educates and encourages people on practical real life subjects? Subjects like health and happiness, success and money, living well, learning to overcome challenges, discerning the truth from the lies in the world today, current politics and the destiny of America, practical christian living, scientism, pseudoscience, flat earth and heliocentrism.

Affiliate Marketing ProgramYou already know how difficult it is to earn money online, especially from Youtube’s advertising program or Google’s advertising options. It’s also hard to come up with content-rich material that can expand your audience and help to cover your business expenses. Affiliate marketing is the answer for many entrepreneurs who prefer to work for themselves rather than Uncle Sam or some corporation. Affiliate marketing is the most powerful marketing system of the day, using the Internet and advanced technologies that exceed anything you can accomplish with traditional advertising, Google ads, or Facebook ads, and it has the capacity to explode one’s network beyond all other systems. You know how fast news can travel on the Internet today. An affiliate marketing system can expand across the world faster than any other paid or unpaid marketing system. And we make it easy for you to do on BooksOnline.Club at no cost to you! When was the last time someone made you an offer like this?

We’ve made it easy for you to educate people on your primary subject, and at the same time you can earn a 30% affiliate fee every time someone purchases a book through your Affiliate link. It has taken a lot of work on our end, a lot of complicated technology, and funds to build a platform like this with an Affiliate system that is super easy for you to use. You’re going to love it while you begin to make money practicing your own passion to reach others and improve the quality of their lives.

Here’s how it works. You register as an Affiliate at no cost to you. We never charge you anything to sign up for our Affiliate system, and you can continue to use it forever without charge. Once you complete the online Registration form, our staff will review your application, and if you meet our standards, you will be approved. You’ll receive an email notice that you’re approved, and you can login to your Affiliate account.

You’ll see how intuitive it is, because you simply copy the link which is your Affiliate link (the URL assigned to you) and then you paste that link anywhere you want to promote it–on Youtube, on blogs or websites, on social media, or even by emailing the link to your subscriber list. Include the link on your Youtube videos.

Once you’re logged into your Affiliate account, you’ll see all your account information, including your referrals, payouts, graphs, and more. This is a very responsible system that holds us highly accountable to you for good record keeping and prompt payments directly to your bank account.

Affiliate marketing

You’ll find the Affiliate registration and login in our main menu at the top of the home page or at the bottom of the home page in the footer.

The good news is that you will receive a 30% fee from every sale through your affiliate link, but the great news is you will receive that 30% fee for all our digital books and our audio books, because your one affiliate link includes all the books in our inventory. We are already being called “The New Amazon.” We have no desire to be like Amazon, but we do have a business model that favors consumers and affiliates over Amazon by an order of magnitude.

The more you promote your Affiliate account, the more money you’ll make, and this can help cover your online expenses and eventually make you a nice profit. There’s definitely an awakening happening in America and around the world today, and people are searching for answers, reading books, watching Youtube videos, and listening to podcasts in search of their answers. Join us in reaching the thousands of viewers and subscribers to channels like yours.

Learn all the mushy details of setting up and using your affiliate link in our Affiliate Instructions in the drop down menu titled “Affiliates.”

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