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Affiliate Marketing Instructions Step 6: How to Market Your Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketing can be a lot of fun, and of course it gets more and more exciting when you start making some money, and you realize, “Oh my goodness. This stuff really works!” And it does work, but like any product you want to sell, you can’t sit on your hands and hope money will show up in your bank account. So let’s talk about how you can effectively market you affiliate link and make some serious money.

Affiliate Marketing Effectively

Affiliate MarketingYou’ll want to come back to this article periodically, because we’re likely to add to this in the months to come, especially as technology evolves and some things become less effective and others become more effective.

There’s no magic or single approach to marketing your affiliate link. Like so many things in life, sometimes it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. But there are principles long since proven effective, and there are “no-no’s” to avoid. These instructions are intended to get your mental juices flowing and help you to be creative in how you build your own affiliate business.

The person who makes the most money is the person who reaches the most people. Some people think professional athletes in some sports get paid way too much money, but when you realize how many millions of people they entertain, and how much money the team owners are raking in, you realize income is a direct function of how many people you reach. This is true with famous Youtubers who have gigantic numbers in terms of both subscribers and viewers. It’s true with famous podcasters, like the King of Podcasting, Joe Rogan. His latest Spotify contract is allegedly worth $250 million.

There’s no doubt that if you already have a huge audience, your affiliate marketing will start with an advantage. All you have to do is mention a book on our site, give it a short pitch, and include your affiliate link in the video or podcast description, and Voila! You may begin to see deposits to your account on the first day. Since your videos stay on Youtube, thousands of people will see that link in the months and years ahead. That’s just one video and one book. Imagine what you could do beyond that!

This is a free marketing tool that knows no limits, right?

You need to have a hook, as they say in sales, when you post the link. In other words, you want them to click on your link, so you need a persuasive pitch, and it needs to be short and powerful. If you’ve been in sales, you know all this, but if sales or writing sales script is new to you, don’t worry, you can get good. It just will take some time and effort, and you will get better as you experiment and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Affiliate Marketing a Specific Book

Let’s say you want to promote a specific book on BooksOnline.Club in our digital library. You already know how to create a custom link directly to that book from Affiliate Marketing Instructions Step 4: How To Create A Custom Link. Your custom link will take them directly to the book’s product page on BooksOnline.Club. You’ll use this link with a short sales pitch, and that can be one sentence with the link at the end, or it could be a short paragraph if you have time and space.

Let’s look at an example of a good script for one of our latest books, The Master Guide to Optimal Health The Natural Way. That link takes you to what we call the product page or the specific URL for this book. Take a moment to click on that link so you can see what I’m talking about. The link opens to a new tab, so you won’t lose your place on this page.

Here’s one simple script you could use with your link:

I want to share an incredible new book that just came out, and it is the most practical and easy-to-read book I’ve ever read on how to be truly healthy, and it reveals the 6 Dimensions of Health, which include real food (no processed foods), the key vitamins and minerals you need to avoid deficiencies, things you never knew about sleep and how to end sleep apnea, secrets about dramatically improving your heart and brain health, how to balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to radically reduce anxiety and stress levels, and the author doesn’t leave out the role of spiritual health. I strongly urge you to take a look at this book. This information in this book could improve your health for the rest of your life. [include your custom affiliate link here to this book].

You get the point. Try to sell the book in a way that would get people to say, “Wait, I need to click on that right now and learn more.” You are welcome to use this script for yourself if you do post a link for this book. If you’re on social media where you are limited by the number of characters, you might have to shorten this, or reword it. For example, you could create one sentence, which would be more appropriate for social media sites where you are limited in characters:

Check out this brand new book that shows you what no one else will: The Master Guide to Optimal Health The Natural Way. [Either make the title a link, or include your affiliate link after that.]

For any book in our digital inventory, just glean the most appealing benefits to people, and describe those benefits in a way that can get people excited about solving some problem they’ve had for years. There are so many other wonderful potential benefits of people reading this book in the example. Another big benefit is getting off medications, and another is avoiding dementia or Alzheimer’s in the later years. Who wouldn’t like to avoid those? This book explains exactly how to avoid most of the major health issues as well as many other practical keys to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you’re a bit of a marketing geek, you know there are many effective marketing tools at your disposal today on the Internet. Perhaps we’ll add some testimonies of some success stories in the future to highlight some of those. If you’re good at creating videos, you can create your own marketing video for a book, and we welcome that. Everyone knows today how incredibly effective a good Youtube video can be.

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy With Our Social Media Links

Affiliate Marketing with BooksOnlineYou’re going to absolutely love this super easy and quick way to promote a book with your affiliate link. Copy your affiliate link, and when you’re logged into your affiliate account here, you can create a custom link (which we teach you in the article titled How to Create a Custom Link), which can be a link directly to the one book or category of books you want to promote. Once you’ve copied that custom affiliate link, then look to the upper right menu section of any page on our site, and you’ll see social media icons. Choose your social media and when you click on that, if you’re already logged into your social media account, it will open up with you already signed in. If you’re not already logged in, just log in when it opens. Once you’re in your X account or Instagram account or Facebook account, etc., just paste that affiliate link in and hit the send button. Voila! The link is a hot link with a little image that will automatically load from the book page, or you can opt to add your own image in most social media systems. For example, you could upload an image of the book cover. We have such beautiful covers designed for all our books, and great catchy titles, this is an excellent option for you. If you want, before you hit the send button, you can add a sentence or a description that you think will be persuasive. Is this cool, or what?

Do you realize once you know how to do that, you could do it in about 10 seconds, and just think how many times you could send out your affiliate link into the world of social media and Youtube in an hour or in a single day? If you work at home, this is a good way to begin to build a passive income. If you’re retired and want to build a supplemental income, this is a great way to slowly built that passive income. If you’re a college student, you might have a big advantage over everyone else, since you probably have more social media accounts and understand how to use them to target a niche audience better than any of us. Granted, it takes time to build a steady income, like months, to begin to get some traction and earn a decent passive income, but affiliate marketing with a 30% payout like this for good books people want and need and are buying every day, is one of the best ways to earn from home. This is a legitimate and incredible business opportunity that takes no investment on your part, and we charge nothing to register as an Affiliate. We also do not charge you a monthly or annual subscription fee to maintain your affiliate account and your affiliate accounting system.

Now you can start marketing without delay.

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