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BooksOnline.Club is owned by Sakal Publishing, which is owned by its founder, Chuck Marunde. “Sakal” is the Hebrew word for “Success.” What are we all about, and how can we help you improve the quality of your life?

BooksOnlineWe’re all about helping people answer questions that keep them awake at night. While practicing law, I learned that “The answers you get in life are only as good as the questions you ask.” The big questions in people’s minds drive them to begin searching for answers, and people are searching for digital, print, and audiobooks that will answer their most important questions. Granted, they’re also searching the Internet, watching Youtube videos, and hanging out on various social media platforms, but most people are finding the nearly infinite sources of information on the Internet are often unreliable, anonymous, and many are outright fraudulent. Books have more credibility since authors put their identity and reputations on the line, reputations that can be discredited if they do not tell the truth.

BooksOnline.Club does have values and principles we live and breathe every day, and these govern what we do and how we do it. They also determine who we work with, meaning the authors we publish and the consumers who buy our books. And there’s a 3rd group, our Affiliates. We are committed to serving each of our Affiliates with honesty, integrity, loyalty, and in ways that helps them to get their answers and to achieve their goals.

What are our values and principles? You probably know that most American corporations create beautiful statements that make their mission statements and what they offer consumers sound so heavenly, so appealing, so unresistable. Those statements are written by sales and marketing gurus, and often bear no resemblance to reality whatsoever. Many of them have hidden agendas driven by shareholder profit incentives, and in some cases political agendas.

BooksOnline Mission StatementBut it’s even worse than that, because many corporations promote products they advertise as healthy and nutritious for you, when in fact many of their products are full of health endangering processed ingredients and toxic chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides. Sugar cereals and fruit juices are some of the most dangerous foods ever manufactured with claims of being healthy when they are the causes of insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease, leaky gut, autoimmune diseases, depression, and later dementia and Alzheimer’s. If you knew what the beef industry does to the hamburger you eat, you probably would never buy meat or hamburger again, unless it is truly grass fed from birth to butchering and not pumped full of antibiotics, and sprayed with chemicals after butchering. But if you read these big companies’ mission statements and their advertisements, you would think they are going to feed you so well,  you’ll almost certainly become a Marvel super human.

I’m laughing as I write this, because that last paragraph is a reflection of years of research that went into my latest book, The Master Guide to Optimal Health The Natural Way. Since that is so fresh in my mind, and since it is one of my passions–health–I couldn’t resist the analogy.

If I got on a rant here, it’s because lies and manipulation and false advertising get me in the craw. We now know that while Google advertised that all of us consumers were getting free search tools and all that data was totally free, their “generosity” and free service wasn’t free at all, because we weren’t the consumers as we thought: We were and still are the product. By the way, it was Google who promoted their theme in the beginning. Do you remember what their theme was? It was “Don’t be evil.” Ironic, isn’t it? Now it seems obvious that Google had evil intentions from the beginning to secretly capture all our personal information and sell it without our knowledge or permission.

All of this is what drives BooksOnline.Club to be a different kind of company, but our mission statement is real. Here’s our mission statement:

BooksOnline.Club is a digital and audio bookstore that sells books with a purpose, and that purpose is to improve people’s lives. It is our goal to help people find answers to their biggest questions, and to give our customers the practical applications to apply the knowledge and wisdom shared by our authors in these books. We seek to build this business on a foundation of truth, honesty, and integrity. That means all our technology, our web presence, our book inventory, and the processes that our buyers, authors, and affiliates experience are built and maintained with those values in mind. Evil is not welcome at BooksOnline.Club, and since so much of the entertainment and information services across America today promote all kinds of evil, our mission sets us apart from the vast majority. How do we define evil? That’s easy. Our values are Bible based, and that should tell you a lot about our values and principles. Our books span across a variety of interesting subjects. While we do have books in the “Christian Living” category, we also have books about success, real estate, politics, and even some so-called “conspiracy theory” books. We believe that honesty and integrity in our books in all categories without limiting freedom of speech or censoring true civil discourse, and our total commitment to the best possible customer experience will give our readers and authors and affiliates a pleasant experience with us, and hopefully we will build loyalty that will help us reach more people, so we can help them improve the quality of their lives, too.

I take no pleasure in talking about myself, but I do think you’re entitled to know a little about my background, so here is my brief resume.

I’ve authored over 60 books, and have published over 2,200 online articles. Since the Internet became widely used by the public in 1994, I’ve built hundreds of websites and blogs, and along the way I became an Internet marketing geek and an SEO expert (search engine optimization).

BooksOnline.ClubI have a degree in Economics and a Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law. I was a high school teacher for two years in Alaska before attending law school at Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane. During my career in law I was also a Registered Financial Advisor, a certified Estate Planner and an Asset Protection Specialist. I’m proud of my service in the USAF as a JAG (Judge Advocate General’s Office). After the USAF I worked for Chuck Colson and Prison Fellowship Ministries as the Area Director of Nevada and Utah.

I raised a family of four. My son, Jesse Marunde, became the 2nd strongest man in the world in Chengdu, China at the World’s Strongman Contest, and Bristol Marunde held two Championship MMA (mixed martial arts) belts. Bristol and his wife, Aubrey, also had a popular HGTV show for three years titled “Flip or Flop Vegas.” My youngest son, Brady Marunde, is a commercial fisherman on the Aleutian Chain in Alaska, and my daughter is a brilliant accountant and statistician.

Now you know who we are and why BooksOnline.Club was founded. God bless, and we hope to do business with you.

Chuck Marunde, J.D.

Books Online Club

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