How to submit a book to booksonline

How to Submit a Book to BooksOnline for Authors

How to get your book published may be a question that has been on your mind for years, and for some for decades. This article is intended for authors who fit any of these parameters: You have a book published and being distributed online now, or You are writing a […]

BooksOnline Gift Card

Announcing the BooksOnline Gift Card

We are very pleased to announce a new feature: The BooksOnline Gift Card. Why is this such an exciting feature? The BooksOnline Gift Card offers several benefits for readers and authors. Here’s a sweet little bullet list of benefits you’ll want to take advantage of: You can now make a […]

BooksOnline Club

A Quick and Dirty BooksOnline Tour

You’ll find out quickly that BooksOnline, aka BooksOnline.Club or sometimes written as Books Online Club, is quite different that other online bookstores, and that difference starts with our “consumer-centric” focus. Everything about BooksOnline is built from the ground up with our consumers in mind. Who are our consumers? Our consumers […]

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Instructions Step 1: The Big Picture

Affiliate marketing is a great way for anyone (over the age of 18) to share an affiliate link to a product, which is a digital book or an audio book if your an Affiliate with BooksOnline.Club. Why would someone help to promote a good book? One of the best reasons […]

Affiliate Terms

Affiliate Marketing Instructions Step 2: Conditions

Affiliate marketing has conditions or parameters you need to know and agree to if you want to be an Affiliate at BooksOnline.Club. They’re not complicated, and we don’t press any unreasonable limitations on you as you promote your Affiliate link. Here are the rules with short explanations. Affiliate Marketing Terms […]

Getting paid

Affiliate Marketing Instructions Step 3: How Do I Get Paid?

Affiliate marketing on BooksOnline.Club will necessitate you completing your banking information after you have been approved as an Affiliate. This article will explain how you do that, and we’ll actually walk you through all the options you’ll see when you log into your account. Affiliate Marketing Login Screens and Options […]

Books Online Club

Looking for a Great Book to Read? Here it is . . .

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