The Coming Real Estate Crash of 2024


The Coming Real Estate Crash of 2024
Last Edited: 4-9-2024

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The Coming Real E...


The Coming Real Estate Crash of 2024: How Likely Is It?

If you sell your existing home now for top dollar, and you buy your ideal retirement home for top dollar in your perfect location, you’ll be in good shape. You bought high, but you sold high, so it could be considered a wash. If this plays out for you before the crash, you won’t need this book.

But . . .

If the market crash comes before you sell your existing home, you will live in a parallel Universe, and you could suffer devastating losses in a national and International crash of epic proportions not seen since 1929. This is precisely why I wrote this book—to alert you to what is happening below the radar of main street media, and far below the radar of what the politicians and the central banks want you to know. I wanted to share what you can do to avoid losing your retirement dreams.

As I wrote this book in late December of 2022, I felt that the crash could happen in late 2023, but it didn’t. If you’ve watched economic cycles and Wall Street for over four decades as I have, you’ll recall that a small handful of expert forecasters have been right about major crashes, but they are most often wrong about the timing. They are typically early in their call for the crash. That’s because the Federal Reserve prints money and manipulates interest rates with the cooperation of the central banks and the the bond and stock markets until they just can’t kick the can down the road any further. But every market recession and depression eventually ends the slumber of the masses when the ice becomes so thin, it can no longer sustain the weight of all the economic and political insanity.

By now in the spring of 2024, I think we can say the American economy has clearly been stretched beyond all rational financial formulas, and this entire American system is dangerously unstable. It’s as though we are standing on the precipice of a deep canyon, and the wind is gusting against our backs, causing us to suddenly brace against the wind lest we tumble over the edge in a long fall into the Canyon of Despair. Are you bracing against the wind? Are you ready for what is coming?

Real Estate Crash

This graphic is the latest data available, and it is from the 2nd quarter of 2023, and I can tell you that the data has gotten much worse since then up to day, May of 2024. Even this picture is showing us the state of the national real estate market. From the peak of the market all across the country, which was the 3rd quarter of 2022, housing prices are down everywhere except in the Northeast (green).

Add to the multiple layers of financial instability in the U.S., the unsustainable debt, the political war we are currently experiencing, with an major turning point coming in the November elections, we have all the elements of a market crash. The signs are all there. We can hope and pray it doesn’t come, but judgment eventually comes. As the saying goes, “It’s not a matter of if–it’s a matter of when.”

You can sell and buy successfully right now, but unlike the past, you have very little room for error. You have to get this right. At your age, you won’t get another chance, and you don’t have time to make up for bad timing.


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