Killing Pride and Narcissism


There are a million reasons we excuse pride in ourselves, although we don’t so much excuse it as much as pretend we don’t have it. Of course, I’m not talking about pride you experience when you finish a job well done, or help someone accomplish something good. This book is about the kind of pride that destroys relationships like a cancer.

If you knew you had cancer, you would get treatment by a physician without delay, but the big reason you would is because you know how devastating cancer can be to your life. Who would procrastinate when death is knocking at your door?

What if pride was more devastating than cancer? Would you then pay attention to indications you may have pride in you, and would you seek treatment to get rid of it before it does you in? Would you dig deep and examine yourself to find any signs of the cancer known as pride?

My argument is that people simply have no idea how dangerous and how evil pride can be in our hearts, and hardly anyone comprehends how devastating it can be to everyone you know and love.

By the time you finish this book, you will see why I believe pride is the most evil of all sins and the most destructive. Pride is evil in itself, but it leads to a multitude of life long sins that ruin lives and condemn souls. I will prove all this to you with undeniable evidence, but this is not a 30 second elevator pitch. This is not a 3 minute Youtube video.

If you want to understand pride and it’s destructive impact on your life and once and for all get free of the bondage of pride that steals the joy in your relationships, you need to defy our cultural template that shortened our attention spans. You must dig deeper.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of young people today don’t read books. I asked a sharp 27 year old gentlemen when he last read a book, and he could not remember. I ask him if any of his friends read books, and he said none of them read books. Since the Bible is a book, it is a tragic reality that these young people are not reading the Bible at all, and get this—they never have read the Bible even once.

I hope and pray this ebook is read by many, not because I wrote it, and not because it will make me money, which it won’t, but because there is a desperate need to address pride and the spiritual consequences of pride in Christians today.

Clearly there is a negative and ugly side to pride, but there is an incredibly positive force that can work in you once you see the pride in yourself and once you begin to kill it with God’s direction.

Recognizing the problem is the first step, and that begins the process of setting you free from the bondage of pride and its consequences, but applying the Word of God is the second step that will revolutionize your life in a positive way.

Can you imagine a relationship with your spouse and with your children that is full of love while still having that appropriate measure of accountability and discipline and leadership?

Can you imagine no longer having unexplained tensions with employees or business partners? Can you picture yourself being completely content and fulfilled in all your relationships, not because everyone else is bowing down to you, and not because you control everyone, but because you are no longer controlled by emotional switches that get flipped and because you no longer have hidden agendas driven by forces within you that you don’t even understand?

Pride lurks deep below the surface and drives a person in hidden ways. This book will help set you free from those dark forces so you can be more productive, happier, and perhaps most importantly, so those you love can be happier in their relationship with you. Do you want to be successful, respected, loved, and admired? Then kill the ugly pride deep inside your heart—the pride you don’t think exists.

Become the Godly man or the Godly woman you were meant to be.


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