When Is The Rapture Of The Church?


When is The Rapture of The Church?
Last Edited: 4-8-2024.

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When Is The Raptu...


When is the Rapture of the Church?

Then is the Rapture of The ChurchThe rapture is a fascinating subject, and there has always been a debate about whether the rapture is before the 7-year tribulation, during it or at the end. This book lays out the strong biblical evidence that makes it pretty clear the rapture is before the tribulation period. That’s a strong statement, I know, but there are so many contextual proofs of that, so many Hebrew and Greek words that confirm that, and parables and consistencies from the beginning of the Bible all the way through Revelation.

When is the rapture of the churchThe analogies and symbolism that is revealed in some of the stories also bring home the idea that again and again the Bible makes it clear that God’s chosen ones who have been saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, once having been saved from his judgment and wrath, will never suffer his wrath. He tells that many times in many ways. Throughout the Bible the question, “When is the Rapture of the Church” is answered with “Before the Tribulation.” In other words, before God’s wrath.

When is the Rapture of the Church is not based on personal opinion or any unsubstantiated claims with no evidence. As you will see, the Bible itself gives us a tremendous volume of proof that this is so, from specific verses to examples to the big picture of the role of Israel in God’s prophetic plans. After your discover all this incredible proof from God Himself, you’ll see how truly weak the mid-trib and post-trib arguments are.

When is the Rapture of the Church? It’s Not a Salvation Issue

This is not a salvation issue, so brothers and sisters in Christ should not get all worked up and contentious about this subject. On the other hand, when you see how clear the pre-trib wrath is in the Bible, you will find it to be a great source of encouragement and hope in these last days, especially because the tribulation itself is right around the corner.

You’ll enjoy this easy read, because it doesn’t get too deep in the theological weeds, but it does answer the question, “When is the rapture of the Church?”


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