The 9 Most Controversial Christian Issues (Kindle Version)


The 9 Most Controversial Christian Issues

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If you want to know exactly what the Bible says on the biggest issues in American Christianity today, you need this book. This book includes definitive biblical answers to questions about: Speaking in Tongues, Dreams and Visions, Predestination, Rapture and Tribulation, Mark of the Beast, Calvinism, Health and Wealth, Salvation, Security of the Believer, and the KJV Only Movement. This is not an opinion book, and it’s not an experiential book. If you are serious about knowing what God says in the Bible, you will find answers with verses, history, definitions, and a careful exegetical approach to studying and interpreting the scriptures accurately. But here’s the exciting news about doctrine. It can change your life in a positive way forever. Learn more by viewing the sample.


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