From Prosperity to Hell


Many of the largest American Churches are preaching and teaching messages that will send their congregations straight to hell. I fully understand this is a strong statement, but it is true, and you can prove it by knowing the Bible and listening to their messages. The purpose of this book is to help you discern the truth directly from the Word of God. This is not an opinion piece by this author. There is only one opinion that counts, and that is God’s opinion as clearly and unambiguously expressed in the Bible. Now let’s look at what is going on in America’s churches. Charismatic pastors are teaching doctrines of demons with the prosperity doctrine, and millions of people are being deceived into thinking that these doctrines are from the True God. They are not. The Bible told us this would happen. Satan is very smart. He has been observing and manipulating humans for literally thousands of years. You could say that over the millenniums, he has led millions of souls into hell. All who have followed Satan to hell have done so willingly, not because he told them the truth about hell, but because he was able to deceive them with lies about their spiritual destiny. And he knows what will capture our attention in this day and age. He knows exactly how to influence our hearts and minds, and his plan is to deceive as many as he can before he runs out of time. This is how he intends to disgrace God, by deceiving millions into believing that they are going to Heaven when they are actually going to hell, or by convincing them that there is no such thing as Heaven and hell, and that he (Satan) does not even exist. Satan’s business model is actually quite simple. All Satan had to do was know our greatest weakness, also known as our greatest passion(s), and he’s known exactly what those are since the Garden of Eden. What passions and desires are at the center of this enormously successful satanic strategy? There are three.


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