Is Speaking in Tongues for Today? (Kindle Version)


Speaking in tongues is a big issue in American churches, and you’re either on the charismatic end where you believe in speaking in tongues or your on the conservative side on the fundamental evangelical side. On the charismatic side there is usually a number of other miracle beliefs, but not always and sometimes some but not all of them. The associated miraculous gifts include batpism of the Holy Spirit, Word of Knowledge, Healing, Dreams and Visions. Exactly what does God think about speaking in tongues? Can we find out? The answer is a resounding yes, and these answers are found in the Bible itself. If you are serious about understanding what the Bible says, not someone’s opinion or what is taught by someone with biases, then you’ll want to get into this book and see verses that will jump of the pages as you’re seeking God’s truths. Every Christian today ought to be especially cautious about false prophets and deception as Jesus warned us. Whether you are super conservative and need a stronger foundation in the Bible on speaking in tongues, or if you are in a hyper-charismatic church that practices speaking in tongues and all the gifts, you cannot get hurt with the truths shared in this book. It can only help you and affirm what God wants us to know from His Word.


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