Living for God: Pursuing Christ With Passion


Living for God: Pursuing Christ With Passion
Last Edited: 1-23-23

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Living for God is a book about pursing Christ with passion. What is the Christian life all about? Is it about growing in Christ, becoming more like Him? Is it about becoming more Godly and being less attracted to the pleasures of this world? Is it learning to walk in the Spirit by faith and less in the flesh? What is success from God’s perspective? Everyone wants to be happy, but how are we to live this life?

Living for God is Not Easy

Pursuing ChristLife is not easy, and sometimes for the genuine Christian, living in this world can feel like living in a war zone. There will be good times and laughter for sure, but no matter what your age, you already know there will be heartache, times of suffering, the loss of loved ones, sickness, disease, natural disasters, financial challenges, and for some, depression and serious disillusionment. Living for God is a lifelong challenge, but it is also our greatest honor.

The simple worldly solutions that many teach are too often not God’s solutions to the challenges we face in this life. Unfortunately, we are also living in a time when churches are weak in God’s Word and in Biblical doctrine.

That’s why Living for God, Pursuing Christ With Passion, looks directly to God’s Holy Word for daily guidance.

Living for God is a Book About Bible Applications

Here’s a wise statement: “The answers you get in life are only as good as the questions you ask.” Are you asking the right questions? It’s the questions we ask ourselves that lead us to pursue the answers, and if the questions are misguided, you will be lead down many detours you’ll wish you never went down. The Table of Contents of Living for God will give you an idea of the many biblical applications you’ll find in this book.

Living for God

While this book is easy to read, meaning it is a book anyone can read and understand, it is still considered a deep spiritual devotional, because it addresses tough issues for believers, and it’s full of practical and biblical advise. The author is transparent, and his writing reflects his lifelong passion to pursue Christ. “It’s been an incredible journey,” shared Chuck Marunde, “And even though I’m an old man, I find my passion to pursue Christ is increasing, rather than diminishing. I thank God for that! My prayer and hope is that I will finish this race with both wisdom and humility.”

We’re living in times when we will be confronted by many issues, like the prosperity doctrine, healing, the meaning of Bible prophesies like the rapture and the tribulation, the real life experience of suffering, and devastating events, like divorce, bankruptcy, business failure, sickness and the death of loved ones. We all go through one or more of these life experiences. There is no escape as long as we are still here, so the question is, “How will you deal with life’s challenges?” Are you equipped to handle what is coming for you?

This book has one goal—to help you pursue Christ with passion as long as you live here on earth. It is a worthy pursuit, and when you reach the end of your life, you will never regret that you pursued Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind, and soul. May God richly bless you on your pilgrimage.



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