How Narcissists Destroy Companies and Kill Startups


Narcissists Destroy Companies

Thousands of startups never have seen the light of day because of control freak narcissists who steered the company into a black hole. Long after failure and the closing of the company’s doors, few ever figure out the narcissist connection. The narcissist is a master manipulator of laying blame on others. The narcissist who destroys a company always plays the convincing role of victim, and he does so quite effectively, persuading almost everyone by virtue of his mental gymnastics, why the company failed leaving him both the victim and the unsung hero. He does want people to sing about him as the unsung hero, but he wants them to think it was their own idea.

Companies that do successfully launch and get profitable often bring in an aggressive narcissist to lead the company, and that always signals the beginning of a long slow painful death. Don’t be misled by the increasing profit margins the narcissist claims credit for in the early years of his leadership. If a product or service is truly extraordinary, almost any mediocre sales effort will start off with a bang and early success, but with the narcissist in charge, there is a dark and dismal agenda beneath the short term success.

Few on corporate boards or executive staff know how to recognize a narcissist CEO or founder. Fewer still know how to deal with a narcissist. But let’s back up even further. Who in corporate America is even aware that narcissism is a problem, and that if they knew how to recognize it and deal with it, it could save them years of stress and huge financial losses?

Millions of corporate employees and millions of government employees have overt and covert narcissists for bosses, and virtually none of these employees have any idea what narcissism even is. But they know what jerks they work for. They know how self-centered their bosses are, and they know their bosses have no empathy for them or the other employees. Some of these bosses have hearts of ice. These employees around America know their bosses are sick, but they have no idea that their bosses suffer from a serious well documented mental illness known as NPD or narcissistic personality disorder.

The future of any company depends on it’s leadership, and a narcissist in leadership is like poison to a company. The poison’s destructive impact may be slow and below the radar, but in the end it kills as effectively as a the mother of all bombs.

In this book you’ll learn to recognize an extreme narcissist in your company, and you’ll know find out what works and what doesn’t work to save yourself and your company.


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