The Last Days of America: The Slaying of a Great Nation


The Last Days of ...


The Last Days of America is a Deadly Honest Assessment

“We are living in the last days of America.” There I said it. I know, you don’t like that statement. I don’t either. This is not something we want to think about, especially for those of us who love our country and our freedoms. I’m proud of my service as a JAG (Judge Advocate General’s Office) in the USAF. I would have considered it an honor to die for my country, to protect our God-given freedoms in America for my children and grandchildren, and for you too–a total stranger.

The Last Days of AmericaAs a boy in the 1960’s living in a cabin in remote Alaska in a 900 square foot cabin with my parents and two sisters and two brothers, I learned what freedom and responsibility were at the most basic level–survival. There was no electricity where we lived, and our cabin had no running water and no plumbing. We had a wood stove my father welded together out of a 55-gallon barrel, which was far from air tight, and dad and I had to cut and split 10 cords of wood every winter to keep the family warm at temperatures that dipped below -70°F every winter. My sisters hated going to the outhouse and sitting on that cold plastic toilet seat. I still wonder why my mother didn’t knit a toilet seat cover.

Most of our days were spent working to survive. We hunted for Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep, and we fished for salmon and cod and whitefish and smoked a lot of our fish and froze the rest to get through the long winters. Many of my Saturdays were spent sawing wood with a bow saw, because early on I was too young to operate dad’s heavy Wright saw. I never complained, because I didn’t know I was supposed to. The fact is, when politicians aren’t telling you that you’re entitled, and the government isn’t giving you free food and money, you learn to fend for yourself. It’s almost like a law of nature.

America The Last DaysWhen I grew up, I left mom and dad and that little cabin on the 30 acre homestead, and I became a teacher and a lawyer, and raised my own family in the “lower 48” as we call it in Alaska. Crowded cities, constantly higher taxes, crime, pollution, processed foods, produce with a pesticide code on a little sticky label, doctors who care nothing about disease prevention but who are quick to announce your symptoms and immediately prescribe something special from Big Pharma with devastating side effects, laws and regulations that steal freedom of speech, crush freedom of religion, and secretly demolish the right to privacy, not to mention 3 letter Federal agencies that have become spy agencies against their own citizens, and the powerful and wealthy elite rulers who seem hell-bent on destroying every vestige of American greatness.

As a boy growing up in that cabin so long ago in an unincorporated borough where there was no local government, I never imagined I would see or live in an America like today. Younger generations may not have the decades long experience to put today’s America in its proper context in its almost 250 years. At 69 years old I am saddened to see the America I have loved so long, sinking slowly from so much damage. We are surely living in America The Last Days

The Last Days of America is Both Sad and Inspiring

While America can become great again on a short term basis, in the long term the damage done to our Republic is the damage of a thousand cuts, nay a million cuts, and our destiny is the destiny of every great nation throughout history. You and I don’t like to think this, but the truth is we are looking at The Last Days of America.

We have experts ad infinitum on everything about America’s past, present, and future, but nearly all the experts focus on a pure secular perspective void of any acknowledgment of the spiritual. This book includes both to arrive at a far more realistic and fact based forecast of America’s future. Whether you are a secular historian or a devout Christian, you’ll be stretched with ideas in this book you’ve never heard anywhere else.

You’ll also get the answer to a question no one has fully answered up to now. What motivates radical liberals to do what they are doing? The author takes you inside the mind of a liberal like no one else ever has. You’ll finally know what makes them tick. Why on earth would liberals want to see The Last Days of America?

The Slaying of a Great Nation

What if America was on the verge of a massive market crash, but all the experts kept saying the economy has nowhere to go but up, and the media and talking heads promised a bright and prosperous future? In such an environment would you not be wise to read at least one contrarian book that indicated the market may be poised for a horrendous crash? If America is on the precipice of darkness, don’t you want to know?

This book about America’s future may be one of the most important book you’ll read in these precarious times. There are three chapters you cannot afford to miss: The Psychology of Liberalism, What God Says About Narcissism and Psychopathy, and The Trajectory of America’s Final Days. Fasten your seat belt, because this book is unmercifully honest.

I would be very glad to be wrong, but how can we not see the writing on the wall that we are living in The Last Days of America?


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