America: The Last Days – The Slaying of a Great Nation Audiobook

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I want to emphasize that this book is not a book about religion or theology. It is about the world we live in, and in particular about America and where we as a nation are headed. This book makes the argument that America is collapsing, and America is in its last days.
I believe the evidence of this is beyond a reasonable doubt, and the way I conclude that is by doing something other political analysts have not: Along with the secular knowledge we have acquired about politics, business, and human behavior, I include the history, the prophesies, and the wisdom in the Bible in my database of information and research for a complete analysis of America. Any approach that only includes a secular perspective and leaves out the spiritual will be woefully inadequate to understand where America is headed.
You may be thinking that there are many preachers and teachers of the Bible who have written and taught extensively on the signs of the times and America’s future. That would be true, but again there is a wide gap between their most excellent theological knowledge, and practical applications in today’s world of politics and business.
In other words, their spiritual insights are great, but if they do not help us answer the difficult questions of our time about living in America and what we should expect in our future, then we are left feeling like we are adrift at sea. And this is precisely how most Americans are feeling today—lost and without a compass.
You see, preachers have spent their lives in the Bible and in the study of theology. I have the utmost respect and admiration for their service, but what the vast majority of good preachers know about politics and business could fit on the head of a pin with room for another million atoms. Of course, a man of faith preaching the Word of God would logically say that his calling is to preach the Word in season and out of season, and not to involve himself in politics and business. I understand the argument, which is to say I’m not being critical of them at all. They are doing precisely what they believe they are supposed to be doing.
The corollary is also true. While there are many sincere, honest, and very knowledgeable men and women writing and talking about the state of America’s politics and business, what the vast majority of these people know about the specific end times prophesies spelled out in the Bible in the context of today’s current events could also fit on the head of a pin with room to spare.
In other words, the best books and the best of the talking heads forecasting America’s future are either entirely secular (and anti-God), or so theological that they leave a giant gap between the average person’s understanding of spiritual matters and the real world where Americans live and work every day.


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