The Christian Trilogy of The End Times (Kindle Version)


We are living in the End of Times, and Christians who have been watching current events in the context of biblical prophesy know that we are short on time. This Box Set of 3 books includes “The End of All Things is at Hand,” “The Pre-Trib Rapture,” and “The Mark of The Beast,” all careful and accurate explanations of what the Bible actually says on these subjects. Even though these books tackle some of the most difficult and advanced theological subjects of the day, these are easy to read and easy to understand. They were written so everyone could understand what to expect in the months ahead.

The End of Times explains in articulate narrative exactly what the Bible says will happen in the last days. The Pre-Trib Rapture does a thorough analysis of how we can be sure the Rapture is before the 7-year tribulation, and The Mark of the Beast explains once and for all what will happen to those who take the Mark during the tribulation.
You’ll find these books very encouraging and a needed inspiration in these crazy times we find ourselves living in today.


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