Manage Your Energy
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Casper Sarginson  

Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

What makes one person successful, productive, financially stable, and happy, while another person is seen as a failure, can’t get things done, always struggles financially, and is chronically depressed? This is no small question, since this is the question that few Americans can answer. People think “everyone wants to be successful,” but is that true? No, it’s not true. Regardless of what a person may claim consciously to his friends and even to himself, there is an army of conflicts working deep within every person, and depending on how a person sees those conflicts and deals with them,  they have the potential to derail a person from a steady course toward success and happiness. More than that, the default for the vast majority of people is that they will be derailed from a path of success and happiness, and only a small minority figure out how to face their demons and defeat them to achieve the success most people only dream about.

During my several successful and fruitful careers as a USAF officer in the JAG core, an Area Director of Prison Fellowship Ministries, a lawyer for 20 years, the founder of a virtual real estate brokerage, an author of dozens of books and thousands of online articles, an SEO geek (search engine optimization) and an Internet marketing expert, I constantly observed who is successful and who is not. Over decades of observation and research, I learned a lot about why some people succeed wildly and some fail spectacularly. In my lifetime of education on success and failure, I consumed every success book I could find and attended all the major success and motivational speaker seminars. Of course, one of the skills I had to develop was to be able to discern hype from practical truth.

I don’t know about you, but I’m done with all the nonsensical hype that motivational speakers sell us at their expensive seminars. What sells so well is not always the truth, although a sprinkling of truth makes everything they say appear to be true also, but a smooth tongue. The biggest and most popular motivational and success speakers are charismatic, articulate (even if what they say is compromised by subtle untruths), incredibly persuasive, and so appealing. Seminar attendees appear to become mesmerized, or should I say “hypnotized” by the smoothest talkers.

I don’t like counterfeits. I prefer the real truth, the honest truth, and that means pursuing some very deep topics that help a person get beyond all that baggage from childhood that now governs one’s life and hinders a person from achieving success and happiness. A person cannot ultimately succeed in this life, which isn’t defined by wheel barrels full of money, unless they clear the path and deal with the subconscious mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues that hinder them, and you have to deal with all of these areas or you will be held back by powerful subconscious forces. This book is by no means the final and ultimate word on this subject of real success and happiness, but it ought to be the next part of your continuing education on success and happiness on this earth.

You can read the Kindle version, listen to the audio version, or read the paperback version if you prefer. You’ll find this book in our Digital Bookstore, Audio Bookstore, and Amazon Bookstore. I wish you all the best, and may God richly bless you.

Chuck Marunde, J.D.

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