God Family Country
Casper Sarginson  

God Family Country in America’s Last Days

God Family Country in America’s Last Days is a welcome diversion from all the political rhetoric of the day, not to mention all the chaos, riots, crime, violence, and gloom. It would seem that books, movies, and music have all gone dark on us, and if you enjoy a good book or a good movie, good luck trying to find one today. Have you browsed Netflix or Amazon Prime Movies or Apple Movies lately? Thirty years ago we could watch some very enjoyable movies, but not so much today. Browsing to find a good movie to watch is not what it used to be. Now browse and what will you see? As of January of 2022, there were hundreds of zombie movies you could stream in the U.S., with more being added regularly. There are hundreds of apocalyptic themed movies. There are thousands of sexually explicit movies that are being watched by children. There are thousands of movies that are grotesquely violent beyond anything we would have watched only two decades ago. Sounds like the daily news, doesn’t it? I’ll stop there, because I’m sure you get it.

Wouldn’t it be a pleasant diversion to read a good old fashioned story of a multi-generational family that lives by good values and principles? What about wholesome and sometimes hilarious conversations between intelligent and loyal family members and friends? Can you imagine reading a story of true love between husbands and wives? Where has faithfulness, patriotic values, loyalty, belief in God, self-discipline and perseverance gone in books and movies?

This book brings back these values in the context of characters who are so real, you’ll feel like you know each of them. Did you enjoy the movie made from Nicholaus Sparks’ book titled The Choice? It’s a wonderful classic story of love between the two main characters, and the movie is well done. I’ll warn you though, the movie is nothing like the book. It was a surprise to me that Nicholaus Sparks did such a poor job as a writer in the book, but whoever they hired to re-write the movie script did an outstanding job, and the director did an exceptional job with the move. God Family Country in America’s Last Days is not yet a movie, but you’ll find the book as good or better than The Choice.

This is a book you won’t want to put down, and if you like to read before you go to sleep, beware you might have a hard time putting the book back on the nightstand. There is an added bonus with this book. You could actually read this book at bedtime to your young children. How’s that for a surprise in 2024?

The book is available in a Kindle version in our Digital Bookstore, and if you want a paperback version or an audiobook, you can find those on Amazon.


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