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What’s the Difference Between eBook Apple Versions and eBook Kindle Editions?

eBook Kindle Editions

Are eBook Kindle editions readable by everyone, whether you’re using a Kindle device, an Android device with the Kindle app, or an Apple device with the Kindle app? What editions are available on BooksOnline.Club? Good questions, and we answer them here.

Kindle EditionsIn the beginning (in the beginning of this online bookstore, not the beginning described in Genesis) we created and published Amazon Kindle editions and Apple Books editions, and you could buy and download and install either edition. But we soon realized that something like 70% of us buy our books on Amazon, not from Apple’s bookstore. Most people have no idea how to find Apple’s bookstore, let alone purchase books from it. Sorry Steve Jobs, but Tim Cook has done nothing to improve the Apple Books experience since you left this world.

The reality is that the vast majority of book readers purchase from Amazon directly, whether they want digital, paperback, hardcover, or audiobooks. You can see the dramatic stats in the graphic to the right. Notice the eBook Kindle editions sold and the paperback editions sold by Amazon.

What made matters worse for Apple was the horrendously difficult experience authors have had for years and years trying to get their Apple Books account set up and upload books to the Apple Books store. It’s about 10 times more cumbersome than using KDP to upload books to Amazon. Apple has literally had two decades to clean up their software code and the interface, but they have not.

This means that the Apple Books experience has not been a happy experience for authors. It also translates into much greater difficulty for consumers who want to add an Apple edition to their own reading device. None of these difficulties exist with the Kindle books, and I’ll tell you briefly why.

KDP (the Kindle service for authors) is a very good interface for authors who want to upload their books to Amazon. And for consumers, it’s easy to shop for books in any edition, including Kindle editions, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook, on Amazon’s site.

But Wait! Kindle & Paperbacks & Audiobooks Are Now Available on BooksOnline.Club

BooksOnline.Club now has all book formats and editions! This is perhaps much more significant than non-tech readers may realize. In the beginning we could offer eBooks here, then we stepped up our game by improving our technology to offer audiobooks with our incredible free mobile app, and finally we now offer paperbacks editions of our books when available.

Kindle EditionsAll our eBooks at BooksOnline.Club are readable on any device, including a dedicated Kindle reader, an Android device with the free Kindle app installed, and an Apple device with the free Kindle app installed. Most of these books are available in paperback versions on our site. Many of our books have an audiobook edition on our site and readable with our Soundwise mobile reading app, and where an audiobook has already been published on Amazon, we link you directly to that Amazon audiobook. For our Affiliates, they just need to be aware that their 30% affiliate fee they earn through their affiliate links applies to the books we host on BooksOnline.Club and not any audiobooks or any other books directly from Amazon. This is all explained in our Affiliate Instructions: Conditions and Terms.

All this means you don’t have to go to Amazon to buy our books. That is exciting to us, and makes shopping for your book on BooksOnline.Club a much more convenient and seamless process.

Our key goal is to make all these wonderful books available to you in a very convenient and non-technical interface. We design everything we do with our customers’ best interest as the #1 priority. Period. Everything we do is subservient to our customers and clients’ best interests. Do you think Amazon can make that claim? Probably not. This is something we work on continuously, and your suggestions to improve your experience are always welcome. In fact, you can leave comments below this article, and we thank you in advance.


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