Flat Earth Awakening
Awakening Flat Earth
Casper Sarginson  

The Flat Earth Awakening

There is a flat earth awakening taking place across the UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and across all of Europe as well. This flat earth awakening stems from a new awareness of the corruption and evil of all governments, the fake news and the indoctrination. It has never been more obvious how government cooperates with mass media which cooperates with big tech, and the citizens are waking up to the reality that they are the products and the victims.

Most of us have believed that countries like the UK and the US were at one time driven by men of integrity, intelligence, deep religious convictions, and who had the best interest of the citizens in mind. That is no longer the case, and it has gotten so bad in every country today that the good citizens have found themselves deprived of their God-given rights, fundamental constitutional rights, social freedoms, and now persecuted for their beliefs.

What has woke so many people up of late is that the new tyranny is a form of censorship that argues for freedom of expression, but actually deprives free thinking people of all their freedoms, and places control over all expressions of thought in the hands of a few tyrants running our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government in America.

The last thing on most of our minds was whether we live on a flat earth or a sphere. But our governments, the federal agencies, and their corporate cohorts are so far off the reservation, and have become so dictatorial and untrustworthy, citizens are now questioning even the sacred institution of NASA. It turns out NASA’s version of a heliocentric system is nothing like the geocentric system described in the Bible.

This has resulted in a new kind of cynicism about government regulators and politicians who speak as silky as Satan did in the Garden of Eden. The people are seeing an extraordinary level of arrogance on the part of those in Parliament in the UK and in the House and Senate in the US, and even worse, a level of disregard for their constituents that belies common sense and all decency.

Policies and regulations are passed that are destroying people’s livelihoods, and healthcare systems have become worse than the cure, so to speak. Corruption is a daily occurrence, and government fraud and politicians getting rich from selling government secrets has become the new currency for politicians. The Covid-19 and vaccination experimentation has been a royal disaster. All of this has raised the level of cynicism and doubt about everything governments have been telling us our whole lives.

In the midst of these developments, many of us have found ourselves going back to the scriptures for wisdom and guidance. What a dramatic experience that has turned out to be for so many on both sides of the Atlantic recently. Suddenly truths we never saw in the Bible are jumping out at us. Many around the world are asking something they’ve never asked before, “Could we live on a flat earth and not a globe?”

Waking UpThe creation story in Genesis has exploded with new interest as christians are seeing in plain literal language how God said he created the “heaven and earth.” God’s description to Moses as written in Genesis is nothing like the version of creation given by the UK Space Agency and NASA in the US. These agencies have become advertising agencies for the heliocentric model, and they push their agendas 24/7 with an aggression that seems cult-like.

And all of this has greatly encouraged people like myself and millions around the world to go back to studying the Bible, to learn how to interpret the scriptures accurately, and to learn to discern deception that is so massively prevalent today. This is why I write books-to help people understand the lies and learn the truths.

There is an awakening happening. Do you feel it? I think it’s just beginning. I think a worldwide reformation is on our horizon . . . soon. One doesn’t have to conclude the earth is flat to begin the process of questioning the narrative that the earth is a sphere in a heliocentric system. Once that questioning begins, a normal curious human being will start to search out answers to their questions, one after another, and then something remarkable happens.

The deception begins to reveal itself. Where you go from there is up to you. We’re here to give you the tools and education and encouragement to keep seeking answers until you are satisfied with your beliefs and convictions. May God bless you and protect you on your journey.

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