Help God! The Inmates Have Taken The Asylum: And America is The Asylum


Help God! The Inmates Have Taken The Asylum

Help God! The Inmates Have Taken The Asylum

The inmates have taken the asylumHave the inmates taken the asylum? Does insanity now rule America? The answer, as if you don’t already know, is yes. The inmates have taken the asylum. Hence, the plea “Help God!” It’s often said that you need a sense of humor to get through difficult times or you’ll go crazy. This book is a breath of fresh air with its dry sense of sarcastic humor about America’s state today.

“Insane” is the operative word of late in America and around the world. Rational people are all walking around saying to each other, “This is all so surreal.” It is surreal. Up is down and down is up. Truths are lies, and lies are truth. Black is perfect and white is some kind of incurable disease. Compassion no longer means compassion either. Today’s political brand of compassion means the opposite, in other words, “to entrap, to use, to abuse, to manipulate, to lie with propositions that give hope and then to do the opposite quietly behind the scenes.”

If we were in a penitentiary, wouldn’t you scream out, “Help God! The inmates have taken the asylum.”

We’ve seen this most clearly where Democrats have had a tight grip on major cities, and where decades of false promises to those living in poverty in those cities has produced the fruit of its evil–broken cities with people living in poverty and crime and drug infested neighborhoods. This is the asylum we live in. Welcome to insanity of liberal politics in America where politicians and Federal agency employees tell us to do what they say without questioning their authority or wisdom while they get rich bartering government contracts and national security secrets.

If The Inmates Have Taken The Asylum, Where Are We Headed?

What is happening in America today and where are we headed? This is a sarcastic approach to briefly addressing the reality we are living in, or should I say the nightmare we are living in. I’ve heard it said that if you can’t find humor in such a situation, you’ll go crazy. Maybe that explains what has happened to millions of Americans.

Star Trek SceneThis is an easy-to-read eBook that will give you a humorous reprieve in the midst of chaos and insanity. You might feel like you’re in that famous bar scene in the first Star Trek movie. Remember that fascinating scene? Let me refresh your memory.

The iconic bar scene in Star Wars takes place in the Mos Eisley Cantina on the desert planet of Tatooine. As Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO enter the dimly lit establishment, they are greeted by a cacophony of alien chatter and exotic music. The bar is filled with a diverse array of alien species, ranging from the hulking Wookiees to the diminutive Jawas. The atmosphere is tense, with patrons casting wary glances at the newcomers. Smoke hangs in the air, adding to the mysterious ambiance of the cantina. The bar itself is a hive of activity, with droids serving drinks and exotic concoctions being poured into variously shaped glasses. The walls are adorned with all manner of strange artifacts, and the lighting is dim, casting long shadows across the room.

I feel like I’m in that bar. This is the state of America right now. We’re all in that bar. Hence, the title of the book, “Help God! The Inmates Have Taken the Asylum.”


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