Flat Earth: The Evil Psychology of Heliocentrism


Flat Earth: The Evil Psychology of Heliocentrism
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Flat Earth: The E...


Flat Earth vs The Evil Psychology of Heliocentrism

Evil Psychology of HeliocentrismWhat kind of chicanery is flat earth? Get serious! Everyone knows the earth is not flat, right?

Perhaps you have thought to yourself, “Flat earth? Come on! How could I possibly have been deceived and fooled into believing the world is a sphere in a heliocentric system if the earth is really flat? No one could fool me my entire life! And there’s no way they could fool the entire world!”

Deception is the rule, not the exception, and most Christians have no idea how evil heliocentrism is, or how it deceives and enslaves the mind and our belief systems. For the first time, this book will explain the evil connection that deceives so many, and it will detail the mental and psychological processes used to deceive so many and to keep so many in bondage.

I dare you to read this book. Truth has a way of crashing violently through all barriers imposed by lies. And there are plenty of lies that have been constructed carefully in the fortresses of our minds by educators, parents, Hollywood, politicians, government, and even pastors.

Do you want to be truly free and not controlled by all the programming you have been fed your entire life?

Do you want to clear out the false beliefs that have become strongholds in your mind and have hindered your relationships, your success, and your happiness? Believing in a globe in a heliocentric system has far bigger implications for your life than you may realize. Destroying strongholds in your mind is life changing, and the practical applications go way beyond your personal mental and emotional and spiritual freedom, as if that wasn’t enough to be motivated. Do you want to see the world as it really is, as God created it? Do you want to see more clearly and be able to put current events in their proper perspective?

Flat Earth and Strongholds in the Mind

Heliocentrism Evil

Jesus warned us about deception, and he did so 3 times in a row a few days before his crucifixion on the Mount of Olives in Matthew 24. His warning to us about deception is his number one concern for us in the lats days. Deception has been the key to false beliefs gaining  strongholds in our minds. 

You have no idea how powerful and wonderful it will be to understand the true biblical story of creation. Just be prepared for the astonishing truths that will begin to unfold in your mind. You’ll recognize lies that have plagued you for years and possibly decades, and you’ll begin to realize how many decisions you’ve made based on false beliefs. Take courage, because the outcome is well worth the challenges you’ll need to endure during the learning process. Not only will you be on an exciting journey that clears up the true nature of our earth and our Universe, but since the battle begins and ends in your mind, you’ll discover freedom on a much deeper level, too.


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