Peak Performance: Increase Natural Immunities & Cellular Energy Audiobook

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This book will help you dramatically increase your natural immunities to the level of super immunity, lose weight, gain muscle, increase your cardio health, reduce high blood pressure, and reduce susceptibilities to heart disease and other diseases. Many doctors have discovered these techniques have helped to permanently cure type 2 diabetes.

Practice these techniques, and you’ll sleep better, feel more energized during the day, think clearer, and live a longer healthier life.

You can get away with a bad diet only for so long before it catches up with you. When you’re in your 20s and 30s you can get away with a multitude of sins against your body, and you don’t suffer immediate consequences, so it all seems good.

That only works while you’re young, and then it catches up with you. The party of reckless nutrition and lack of proper exercise and sleep is over by the time you get into your 40s, and by the time you’re in your 50s and 60s, your body cannot handle such abuse. If you sleep poorly, you feel lousy the next day and your mind is foggy. If you eat junk food at night, your digestive system revolts. If you have a long day of work, you’ll find your body exhausted, and recovery is slow. This is the nature of growing older. Most young people have no clue about any of this, so they don’t realize the importance of good nutrition and exercise when they are young.

The good news is that the human body has an amazing capability to heal itself and get strong and healthy again, even in older age, provided you practice some of nature’s oldest dietary guidelines.

I’m not a medical doctor, and thank God I’m not, or I could not write this book. Let me explain that briefly. I appreciate my doctor and all doctors. I’ve never met a doctor who wasn’t devoted to his patients and their health. The problem is not their personal integrity. The problem is in medical school, where doctor after doctor has specifically told me they are not taught preventive care in medical school. The focus of medical school is to either perform surgery if needed, or to treat symptoms with prescription drugs. That’s not my opinion. That’s what doctors who have stellar medical educations say themselves, and it’s the truth about the focus of medical schools in the United States. It doesn’t take much research to figure that out.

So if I were a traditionally educated doctor in America, I could not write this book, unless I broke out of my paradigm to learn from other professions. Very few doctors have been able to think outside the box they were trained in, especially having spent an entire career practicing traditional medicine. I understand that, so I have no axe to grind with doctors, but the AMA and medical schools who are in bed with big pharma have other agendas.

If I were an executive at a large pharmaceutical firm, I would not write a book like this, because trillions of dollars are at stake, and thousands of companies and affiliate organizations depend upon the continuation of our current system. More directly, millions of Americans must continue to take lots of prescriptions every single day to keep the trillions of dollars coming in. Entire books have been written about the failure of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. That’s not our focus here, but awareness of traps for the unwary is important.

I had a career as a lawyer, but that would not be a prerequisite for writing a book like this either, although it has helped me to examine evidence objectively over the years and to filter through research results, and I learned to recognize conflicts of interest. I’ve also spent a lifetime pursuing health and fitness myself, and I’ve always had a passion for what is true and an aversion to misrepresentations or lies. After a lifetime of personal experiments and hard work, and wheel barrels full of money thrown at numerous nutrition, vitamin, and supplement programs, and having learned from hundreds of medical and fitness experts, I’ve learned how to filter through it all to find what is true and what works.

And I wouldn’t be writing this book if I had not come back from the dead (triple bypass surgery) with a surprising recovery physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. I’m in better physical health and muscular and cardio health than I’ve seen in perhaps two decades. What I share in this book really works beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Honestly, I can’t believe I’m giving you my life’s greatest discoveries in an ebook for only $9.97, but I feel so good about this, and by the time you’re done and have implemented these principles for a couple of months, you’re going to feel fantastic, too!

Thank God for the whistleblowers who have come out of the medical profession and out of big pharma, or we wouldn’t know nearly as much as we do. I wish there were more whistleblowers, but there are enough.

The truth is there is no one who is responsible for your health and fitness, except you. You must find the answers, because wherever you look today in America, you’ll be bombarded with all kinds of biased reports, salesman whose god is the almighty dollar, and endless vitamin and supplement gimmicks promising you the world. The greatest tragedy of all is our own healthcare system got corrupted along the way, and not all of their advice, nor all of the recommended treatments are reliably safe.

I’m positive you’ll enjoy this book, because my life has improved so dramatically as a result of implementing what I share, and not only mine, but thousands of others have seen incredible results by practicing the same principles.

I had no idea when I first wrote this book how critically important the timing of this advice would be in light of the pandemic. But today the extremely practical guidance this book provides on good organic nutrition and what I call super nutrition, what you need to avoid in your diet, staying away from dangerous meds as much as possible, and getting the right exercise could save your life!


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