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How to Submit a Book to BooksOnline for Authors

How to get your book published may be a question that has been on your mind for years, and for some for decades. This article is intended for authors who fit any of these parameters:

  1. You have a book published and being distributed online now, or
  2. You are writing a book but it is not yet published, or
  3. You have not written the book yet, and while you have the subject matter knowledge, you are not an experienced author.

Let’s run through each of these so you can understand how to get from where you are today to a published book that is of the highest quality in content with a professionally designed cover, and that is marketed for the widest possible distribution, all while maximizing your net royalties. There’s more to this than you may realize, and being able to do this has taken a lifetime for me, which I am now sharing with enthusiasm with authors like you.

How To Get Your Book Published Answers A Passion

For good writers, writing is not just a hobby or a way to make a lot of money. No person in their right mind would spend so much time and effort with so little success for so long, and so little money, unless he or she had a passion driving them to write a book and share that passion with others. Writing is perhaps the profession with the largest percentage of failure. Few succeed.

There’s a story about a person who attends a piano concerto, and afterwards has the great pleasure of meeting the pianist, a world renowned concert pianist. Excitedly the person expresses their delight with the amazing performance, and then adds, “I would give my life to be able to play like that!,” to which the pianist replied, “I did.”

AudiobooksIf you have knowledge, experience, and wisdom that is at the core of your calling or purpose in life, and you have a deep need that shouts to you in the night, “I must share this with others. They desperately need to know this, although they have no idea how important it is,” than perhaps the writer inside you needs to break out if you are to achieve your destiny and experience the deep sense of fulfillment successful authors experience.

I’ve been where you are. For the first half of my life I pondered the question and researched “how to get your book published.” It has taken me a lifetime, but I have become a successful author, and my books are having a big impact on people’s lives, and that brings me a deep sense of fulfillment. That’s what defines success for me–reaching a lot of people and by virtue of their own testimonies, having a big impact on what they believe and how the live. Of course, I am making money, but money was never the driving force for me. Now I have an opportunity with my publishing company, Sakal Publishing, and my bookstore and distribution and marketing company, BooksOnline.Club, to help other writers like you reach as many people as possible. This is very exciting for me, because I not only get to help you achieve your destiny, I get to participate in the big impact your books will have in the lives of many of your readers.

If you already have a book published, you can still have your book listed on our site, provided your book is not currently being distributed as an exclusive elsewhere. Many authors offer their books on Amazon or Apple and other distributors and still offer it here, as long as it’s not exclusive on Amazon. Your book would have to be reviewed by our book review staff, because we have very high standards for content and quality and writing. Many people have self-published books they’ve written, but they had no “adult supervision” so to speak. Your book must pass our content and quality standards.

How To Get Your Book Published Right

how to get your book publishedThe reason we have high standards for the books in our inventory is not only because of our values and commitment to a little thing called “truth,” but because we want BooksOnline.Club to be a good experience for readers in every way. We want our bookstore to build credibility with readers so when they browse our bookstore, they can feel confident a book is precisely as described, and that it is readable and well organized. While we also have books that some would claim are written by conspiracy theorists, isn’t it fascinating how some so-called “conspiracy theories” are turning out to be true today, and there are many of them. Those who would make such claims are most likely not yet fully cognizant of the deception and mass propaganda that has thrived in America of late. Our authors do their research, are committed whole heartedly to what is true, and our review staff will not approve books that promote pseudoscience or false religions or the hidden evil agendas of the ruling elite. If you’re serious about how to get your book published, I hope you realize you cannot forget to address the needs of your prospective readers, and there is a growing audience for honest purveyors of the truth.

Because this is an online bookstore, we sell digital versions of books, either in the Apple format or the Kindle format, and we also sell audiobooks that are hosted on our own servers and distributed with our audio app. We do not sell print versions of books, which require print on demand services. All our paperback and hardcover books are distributed through Amazon.

If you are writing a book, but it is not yet published, you may apply for listing it on our site.

If you have not written a book yet, but you have the subject matter knowledge and you’re just not an experienced writer, you can apply to have one of our ghost writers write your book, or you can apply to have one of our experienced authors co-author your book with you. Because each genre is different and the research and writing and editing of each topic is dramatically different, we would have to review your plans in order to give you an estimated quote for our services. Our services are not cheap, because our labor is intensive and our knowledge and experience are entitled to a fair recompense, so if you’re looking for a quick and dirty way to get a book out there, we’re not your best bet.

Dead End: What about traditional publishing houses? This is a dead end, and you don’t want to even waste your time going down that path, and here is why.

  1. A traditional publishing house will not talk to individual authors. They will only communicate and deal with approved professionally recognized book agents. So first, you have to hire an agent, which is to say you have to get an agent to agree to represent you. Unless you’re famous, or have other books that have big success stories, an agent will not even bother returning your phone calls, and there’s only a slightly greater chance someone from their office will even respond to your email, and if they do, it will be, “We’re not accepting new clients.”
  2. There are publishing companies that will publish your book for you without an agent, but you have to front all the costs of printing, marketing, and distribution, which usually will be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and in the end, you are unlikely to make a single dollar in profit while the publishing company made their thousands of dollars in profits from you. These companies are mostly a ripoff for aspiring authors.
  3. Even if you did get a professional agent to accept you as a client, between their take and the publishing house’s take, you may only get $1.00 from every book sale. Compare that to royalties of 30% to 70% in self-publishing.

What about non-traditional publishing companies? There are many now, but many authors are experiencing frustration with little companies or even mid-sized companies in this sector who over-promise and under-deliver. Few meet expectations. Our bookstore is great, but our Affiliate program is the killer marketing machine no one else has, at least not with a 30% affiliate fee. Can you imagine how many books you could sell if a popular Youtuber with millions of viewers and subscribers interviews you and promotes your book using their Affiliate link so they can earn 30% of all sales? Youtubers will go bonkers over our Affiliate program. A 30% affiliate fee motivates them to promote the heck out of your book, and those videos are watched for weeks and months and even years, as you know. Our system creates a perpetual marketing system for your book in which many others, the Youtuber who promotes it, and all the consumers who go to BooksOnline.Club and see they too can become affiliates and promote your book. Are you beginning to comprehend the advantage of BooksOnline.Club’s Affiliate advantage.

What do we charge for these services, and what is your royalty?

How to get your book publishedDepending on what you need and how much we have to do, your royalty will range from 30% to 50% of the retail price. You can list a self-published book on Amazon and receive a 70% royalty if your book meets certain specifications, but Amazon doesn’t do a tenth of what we do for you, and we have the experience and integrity you need if you’re not already an established author. Our Affiliate Program creates the potential for a massive marketing system for you that could generate a lot of passive income, and Amazon doesn’t offer that. Amazon does have an affiliate program, but you have to qualify to be approved as an “Amazon Associate,” and they only pay a minuscule fee, like 4%, compared to our 30% affiliate fee. You can learn more about how powerful our Affiliate program is by going to the drop down menu titled “Affiliates”.

Our Publishing Standards at BooksOnline

To maintain the highest standards in our publication process, we adhere to the following criteria for accepting books:

1. High Standards of Content:

  • The book must present original ideas or perspectives, offering substantial contributions to its genre or field.
  • The manuscript should demonstrate depth and thoroughness, with well-researched information and sound logic.
  • It must maintain a consistent and engaging narrative or argument throughout, keeping the reader’s interest from start to finish.

2. Good Penmanship and Writing Quality:

  • The writing should be clear, concise, and free from grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors.
  • The author’s voice should be distinct and appropriate for the target audience, showcasing a mastery of language and style.
  • Attention to detail in formatting and structure is crucial, ensuring that the manuscript is well-organized and professionally presented.

3. Truthfulness and Integrity:

  • All factual content must be accurate and verifiable, with proper citations and references where necessary.
  • The book should reflect honesty and transparency, avoiding plagiarism or any form of deceptive content.
  • Ethical considerations are paramount, ensuring that the work respects intellectual property rights and maintains the integrity of all information presented.

By upholding these principles, we ensure that our publications meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, offering our readers valuable and trustworthy content.


We’ll get back to you as soon you’re at the top of the queue. Thank you for your patience. Perhaps you can finally answer that gnawing question about how to publish your book. 

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