Biblical Cosmology
Casper Sarginson  

Biblical Cosmology for Christians

There’s an exciting new group of christians who are genuine believers truly committed to Jesus Christ and the Word of God. In their pursuits, they have discovered that the earth is not a sphere in a heliocentric system, and they’ve learned that from both the biblical side and the true scientific side, pseudoscience aside. Here’s how they describe their new site. is a group of passionate christians who love God and God’s Word. We believe the Bible’s detailed description of creation, and we abhor the lies that have been propagated about God and his creation of the heavens and the earth.

It has become apparent to us, and to many other christians around the world who have also been awakened, that the god of this world has deceived many into believing there is no God of creation and no Savior Jesus Christ. One of the ways he has accomplished this mass deception is through a counterfeit version of the creation of the earth.

Billions of people around the earth have believed the lie that there is no God of creation, and they’ve believed a theory that Copernicus developed known as the heliocentric theory that NASA promotes today. The vast majority of people in America believe everything NASA publishes.

We read a version of creation as told by God himself to Moses that is absolutely not the Copernicus/NASA version of creation. Not even close. We choose to believe the Bible over anti-God scientists and secularists who promote a godless world.

We find that when you read the Bible and all the creation verses, it is impossible to reconcile NASA’s version with the Bible.

We have been dismayed by how many genuine christians and devoted Godly pastors have been completely deceived during their lifetimes into believing that we live in a heliocentric world and that the earth is a sphere. Not only have the vast majority believed this after a lifetime of intense propaganda and mass formation psychosis, they believe it so firmly, they get angry when anyone challenges the narrative, and they’ve been programmed to respond accordingly.

How does God describe the creation of the earth? When you read all the verses and put the whole story together, it is nothing less than astonishing! Here is what we learn directly from creation verses in the Old and New Testaments:

  1. God placed the earth and it hangs on nothing;
  2. The earth has a foundation;
  3. The earth never ever moves;
  4. The earth sits on pillars;
  5. The earth has four corners;
  6. The earth has a cornerstone;
  7. The earth has ends;
  8. The earth is a circle (and a circle is not a sphere);
  9. The firmament is a hardened substance;
  10. The firmament is above the earth;
  11. The sun and stars are in the firmament;
  12. The earth’s atmosphere is contained within the firmament;
  13. God’s throne sits on the firmament;
  14. God created the earth, but the earth is not a planet; and
  15. The sun rises and hurries back to its place, not the earth.

These statements all come from verses in the Bible, and there are many more verses supporting a geocentric world. If you are a genuine Christian, you are either going to have to believe these verses, or make excuses as to why God did not mean what he wrote. Do not think you can reconcile the Bible’s creation story and NASA’s. You cannot, and sleight of hand with the “new hermeneutic” will not work either. There is no allegory in the Genesis’ story, and you cannot twist the meaning of Hebrew to get a sphere or any of the other elements of the Copernicus/NASA heliocentric model.

This true Bible version of creation is such a dramatic diversion from the radical agenda of the evil anti-theists today that anyone who uses the phrase “flat earth” is immediately accused of being a conspiracy theorist. This is what true Bible-believing christians must put up with today. Persecution is not new in the body of Christ, but it has taken on a new form in these last days. It is powerful, evil, deceitful, and satan is behind it all. Even so, the mass deception has created an army of sycophants who work from outside and even inside the church to promote the greatest lie in the history of mankind.

It is our mission to share the truth about creation from the Bible, to write articles, produce videos, to teach christians these amazing truths and how to recognize deception, how to read the Bible and practice solid principles of interpretation so they won’t be fooled any longer by pseudoscience and scientism that seeks to  turn us away from God.

Make no mistake: the heliocentric model, with its companion “doctrine of demons” known as Darwinian evolution, has one primary purpose, which is to turn people away from God by convincing them there is no God of creation and there never was. It is humanism, secularism, scientism, and satanism at its best.

We also recognize that christians will have questions about what they have been taught their whole lives about the world we live in. While our focus is on the biblical story of creation, we will effectively prove the so-called science about NASA’s secular anti-God world has absolutely no genuine scientific evidence supporting their claims and theories. We will expose the pseudoscience and scientism that has invaded our schools, universities, government agencies, and churches.

It is our mission at to exhort pastors, theologians, and Christians everywhere to re-read the creation story as told by God in the book of Genesis and affirmed throughout the scriptures. We uphold the Bible as the only ultimate source of truth and of the creation story. We believe that is accomplished best with long established principles of hermeneutics and exegesis.

As God was and is glorified in his creation, so we trust that he will be glorified as we bring believers back to the true story of God’s creation.

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