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A Quick and Dirty BooksOnline Tour

You’ll find out quickly that BooksOnline, aka BooksOnline.Club or sometimes written as Books Online Club, is quite different that other online bookstores, and that difference starts with our “consumer-centric” focus. Everything about BooksOnline is built from the ground up with our consumers in mind. Who are our consumers? Our consumers are 1.) our readers, 2.) our affiliates, and 3.) our authors. Let’s take a quick tour of BooksOnline where you’ll see why you might what we are doing and how we do it.

BooksOnline Readers Are Intelligent and Discerning

The Readers of BooksOnline eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks are not your average crowd of Amazon sycophants. Have you ever peeked at what Amazon readers are consuming? Or should I put the question more directly, like this: Do you know what kind of mindless trash readers are filling their heads with over at Amazon? I won’t dwell on this, but this is quite revealing. This is the top 20 most sold and read books on Amazon as of this writing, May 5, 2024.


If you are curious, you can take a look at what the “Editors’ Personal Favorites” are on Amazon, but that list is no better. Let’s face it, all you have to do is think “follow the money,” and you know Amazon. Of course, that also means going along with the crowd of consumers who are more interested in pursuing pleasure and living in the Matrix than consuming anything of redeeming value. The last I looked, Amazon’s mission statement says it all, “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” Does that leave the door open for all kinds of evil and insatiable and misleading products? Of course it does, but that’s what happens when a company is driven by profit with no moral compass. Sorry to get on a rant there, but now let’s turn the corner and look at the positive contribution at BooksOnline. As they would say in sales, “Now you know the problem. Let’s look at the solution.”

Now Let’s Look At BooksOnline

We do have a mission statement, which lays the foundation for our book inventory and how we do business:

BooksOnline.Club is a digital, print, and audio bookstore that sells books with a purpose, and that purpose is to improve people’s lives. It is our goal to help people find answers to their biggest questions, and to give our customers the practical applications to apply the knowledge and wisdom shared by our authors in these books. We seek to build this business on a foundation of truth, honesty, and integrity. That means all our technology, our web presence, our book inventory, and the processes that our buyers, authors, and affiliates experience are built and maintained with those values in mind. Evil is not welcome at BooksOnline.Club, and since so much of the entertainment and information services across America today promote all kinds of evil, our mission sets us apart from the vast majority. How do we define evil? That’s easy. Our values are Bible based, and that should tell you a lot about our values and principles. Our books span across a variety of interesting subjects. While we do have books in the “Christian Living” category, we also have books about success, real estate, politics, and even some so-called “conspiracy theory” books. We believe that honesty and integrity in our books in all categories without limiting freedom of speech or censoring true civil discourse, and our total commitment to the best possible customer experience will give our readers and authors and affiliates a pleasant experience with us, and hopefully we will build loyalty that will help us reach more people, so we can help them improve the quality of their lives, too. [Read our full BooksOnline.Club Mission Statement.]

What kinds of books do we sell? Here’s a quick peek, and you’ll notice immediately our books are consistent with our mission statement, meaning we give our readers books that will add to the quality of their lives, not kill their brain cells.

BooksOnline Club

At BooksOnline The Menu is Simple and It’s Easy to Find Books

BooksOnline Sample BookOne of the easiest ways to search for a book or browse BooksOnline books is to use our main drop down menu, “Books” and select from “Books by Category.” We encourage you to browse our other menu items so you can get to know the site better. By the way, as you’ll see, once you open up the details page and description of a book, you’ll see this image to the right, and I just want to point out that the book format is always shown in capital letters, and other editions are linked below. You can easily switch from an eBook edition to a paperback edition to an audiobook, if there is one. And you get a “Book Preview,” which pops up the first 15 or 20 pages of a book so you can see if you like how the book starts.

We’re doing a lot of fun and interesting things at BooksOnline, including the first big and powerful Affiliate Program so our readers and all Affiliates can earn money by promoting their Affiliate link to our books. We offer an incredible 30% fee on every book in our inventory that is sold through your Affiliate link. That is exciting! Your can learn more from our “Affiliates” menu.

We also offer our publishing and distribution service to qualified authors, although we are very selective on who we work with. Our standards are high, and as you may have picked up earlier, we like good books that have redeeming value so they can be consistent with our own mission statement–to improve the quality of people’s lives.

We hope you’ll join us as a reader, an affiliate, or even as an author. Meanwhile, enjoy our books!

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