Sequim Real Estate: A Buyer’s Guide


Sequim Real Estate: A Buyer’s Guide

Last Edited: Feb 6, 2023

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Sequim Real Estate: A Buyer’s Guide is a must read for any retiree considering Sequim WA as their final destination. This is an easy-to-read but content-rich book written by real estate attorney (ret) and Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Chuck Marunde, J.D. You’ll enjoy the way he covers important subjects but makes it enjoyable to read. Having written over 60 books, Chuck has come down a long road of learning to communicate effectively with the written word. His books typically get raving positives kudos from readers.

Written for buyers retiring in Sequim, Washington, Chuck shares insider secrets with dozens of solid tips from four decades in the business. Buyers will learn keys to finding the right home, negotiating the best price, handling due diligence issues, discovering traps for the unwary and how to avoid them. Find out why so many people love living in Sequim. This is an informative book, but it is also a fun read!


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