The 24 Secrets of Buying a Country Home


The 24 Secrets of Buying a Country Home
Last Edited: Feb 2023

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The 24 Secrets of...


Buying a home in the countryside is quite different than buying a home or condo in the city. The real estate issues are unique in the country, the due diligence required is different, and the entire transaction will be handled differently from the beginning. Learn from Attorney (ret) and real estate broker Chuck Marunde’s lifetime in real estate before you make the transition from the metropolis to the countryside. Find out why and how negotiating the price and terms in the country is different, what you need to know and how to handle all the details and contingencies. Learn what kind of due diligence you’ll need to do in rural areas that you don’t have to do in the city.

Buying a Country Home

If you’re retiring from a career in the city or in a bedroom community outside the city, you’ll definitely want this book to help you avoid traps for the unwary and to make wise decisions at this critical juncture in your life.

Do your spouse a favor, and read this book. Do yourself a favor, and read it. The 24 Secrets of Buying a Country Home is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come, because it helps you avoid that big mistake that could set you back in terms of money and time and stress. Chuck Marunde holds back nothing and shares the most important lessons he’s learned in four decades in real estate transactions. Isn’t that worth the price of a few cups of coffee to you?

If you’re from another part of the country, and you want to retire in sunny Sequim, Washington, you’ve got to realize that there are issues unique to the Sequim area and the Olympic Peninsula that you are not necessarily equipped to deal with, and in many cases, buyers do not know all the questions they should be asking.

One of my lifelong pieces of wisdom comes in this simple statement, “The answers you get in life are only as good as the questions you ask.” If you don’t know all the questions, you could surely end up in a nightmare scenario, as some retirees have in their last transition.

Prepare, as you undoubtedly are, but do your research, and do it well. You’ll be eminently glad you did.


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