Flat Earth: How Science Replaced God and Deceived the Whole World


Flat Earth How Science Replaced God
Last Edited: 5-2-2024.

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Flat Earth: How S...


Flat Earth: How Science Replaced God is a must read for christians who are pursing the truth about the flat Earth vs Globe debate. How science has replaced God is a shocking history that few people know.

How did science replace God and deceive the whole world? How did math replace God and deceive all of us?

There’s an entire hidden history that reveals how science and math usurped God, but it’s a history that has never been told. Christians and pastors are generally unaware of this history. It’s time to address this issue, because many have tried to eliminate God entirely from the discussion of creation, and expunge God as the cause of all that has been created in the heavens and on earth. The driving force of this new thrust to usurp God entirely from existence and from all possible influence is the greatest secret weapon no one has even suspected. That weapon is mathematics (and science), and I’ll prove that in this book.

Flat Earth: How Science Replaced God

This history I’ll share answers some of the biggest unanswered questions of this generation, questions such as:

  1. How did we get to this place where science gained so much authority that it seems to rule our society?
  2. How did science completely divert any desire or interest in the God of Creation for millions of people?
  3. How did we ever arrive in this place where the vast majority of people accept the statement, “Trust the Science” and conduct their lives obediently to the demands of that statement, even when it comes from tyrants?
  4. How did we get to this time in history where science and mathematics rule all of the world’s upper level Universities and institutions and government agencies?
  5. How did we get to a time in which astronomy and the accepted explanations for the creation of the earth, of mankind, and of the Universe are all governed dogmatically by anti-God forces?
  6. How did heliocentrism and a spherical earth become a stronghold in the minds of the vast majority of the eight billion people on earth?
  7. How did theologians and pastors reach a time in which they discarded traditional hermeneutics and exegesis in favor of new interpretations guided by modern science?
  8. How did a government institution like NASA become one of the most powerful and well funded institutions of mass indoctrination the world has ever known?

Flat Earth: How Science Replaced God in American Classrooms

Flat EarthIn this book I will share the stunning answers that come right out of history and are well documented. These answers were never hidden; they were just camouflaged.

The author had a successful career as a lawyer, and he knows how to research claims, examine the evidence, and draw conclusions based on the weight and credibility of the evidence and the people making the claims. The level of propaganda all of us have endured our whole lives in America is beyond anything the world has ever seen, and the extraordinary aspect of this propaganda and brainwashing is that we never knew. We trusted our government. We trusted NASA. Who hasn’t thought all those images from space were photos when they are actually CGI (computer generated images)?

But one of the biggest surprises is how math and science have been used to reverse engineer a globe earth in a heliocentric system. Want the details? You’ll be shocked when you learn in this book how they did that to subtly, including the vast majority of mathematicians and scientists who are quite sincere, although sincerely deluded.

Don’t you want to know the Truth? Find out for yourself by doing your own research, and you can start or continue your education with this exciting book and learn the deceptions and the truths about flat earth vs globe earth.

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