Flat Earth: God’s Genesis Surprise


Flat Earth: God’s Genesis Surprise
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Flat Earth: God's...


Flat Earth: God’s Genesis Surprise gives you the big picture of God’s creation story from Genesis through Revelation. As I like to say, the creation story as told in the Bible starting in Genesis 1 is very exciting, because the story is told from the lips of a first hand witness to the creation of the Earth, from the Creator himself–God! God was there, and he told Moses what to write in the book of Genesis. You could not get a more accurate and more credible witness to the creation of Earth then God himself!

Flat Earth – Is It Really God’s Story?

Flat Earth

The big Genesis Surprise is happening in America because God is exposing the lies about the Copernicus/NASA Heliocentric model of the Universe. Christians are admitting to each other in private that they believe the Bible describes a flat earth, and this topic has become one of the top “secret” topics among Christians and non-Christians. And “science” is being exposed for what it is—pseudo-science and scientism. The big awakening we are all watching and experiencing in the U.S. is a little like a train wreck in slow motion.

The awakening in America is like a collective shift in consciousness or awareness, and there’s a heightened sense of urgency to address systemic issues, massive lies and coverups in our own government that are coming to light, and shocking corporate violations of the privacy of millions of American citizens. The awakening we are experiencing involves a recognition of previously unnoticed or ignored realities, so-called conspiracy theories that are turning out to be true and not conspiracies at all, and all this is creating a desire for the truth and reformation.

A fascinating consequence of this awakening involves revelations of the house of cards that NASA built with its CGI images, fake videos, and far more significantly, the pseudoscience that has been exposed in the current narrative about a spherical Earth and a heliocentric system. Gigantic problems are suddenly appearing that are revealing the unbelievable unscientific arguments and theories that have been pressed upon Americans for several generations with what is now being exposed as pure propaganda without scientific proof or evidence. Theories are built upon underlying theories and assumptions, and like a massive house of cards, we’re seeing the flaws like we’ve never seen them before.

Flat Earth – Why The Surprise?

Flat Earth: God’s Genesis Surprise is called a surprise precisely because the exposing of the scientific lies and the revelation of God’s true creation story as told in the Bible is a surprise to all of us who have been brainwashed since we fell out of our baby cribs.

By the time you finish this book, you will finally know the clear and unambiguous description of the creation of the Earth in God’s own words. And guess what? It is nothing like the one you’ve been fed your whole life. We expose the mass deception and give you God’s plain truths. This book is worth reading, because it could help you see more clearly.


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