Flat Earth: A Biblical and Scientific Approach


Flat Earth A Biblical and Scientific Approach
Last Edited: 7-25-2023.

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Flat Earth: A Bib...


Flat Earth: A Biblical and Scientific Approach addresses one of the hottest topics of the day, both within the christian community and among all other religions and even unbelievers of all shapes and sizes.

What Does The Christian Do With The Subject of Flat Earth?

Flat Earth A Biblical and Scientific ApproachWhat does a christian do with the subject of flat earth? Specifically, how can a christian intelligently and wisely handle the controversial topic of whether the earth is a sphere or a level plain? I’d like to suggest a practical approach for christians, and I’ll break it down into logical steps. As I reflect on my own journey, this is the approach I took.

This is no longer a subject that christians can avoid, hoping the entire subject will go away so you won’t have to deal with it. The subject of flat earth has become a very contentious subject, and among many believers and unbelievers the phrase “flat earth” is an emotional trigger that sets some people off. Why does it set people off, mostly to assault your character and accuse you of being a “conspiracy theorist” or just “plain stupid.” Not only do good friends go off on you, but even family members may call you names.

This subject of flat earth is full of more deception, more misrepresentations, and more fraud than any other subject of our day. The extent of the propaganda is so massive, it is almost incomprehensible. Here’s a tip for you, and after reading this tip, observe how real it is among those you converse with on flat earth. There are two areas in which your friends and family members are quite ignorant, and they don’t realize this. In plain language, here are the two areas in which they fall flat on their faces in any conversation about flat earth.

  1. Flat earth bibleThe Biblical Perspective: They don’t have a solid traditional hermeneutical and exegetical interpretation of the Bible that supports a sphere in a heliocentric system. In fact, the biblical evidence overwhelmingly rejects a sphere in a heliocentric system. What theologians and pastors do to argue in favor of a globe earth that revolves around the sun is not to prove that from the Bible, but to defer entirely to “science” as they call it, and to NASA, and get this–they put “science” above the scriptures. You’ll learn that the “science” is not real science. I’ll show you how absolutely clear the Bible is in rejecting the idea of a sphere and how the Bible repeatedly supports the proposition of a flat earth.
  2. The Scientific Perspective: The sphere in a heliocentric system is also rebuttable from a true scientific perspective, although most people have no idea how that can be done. But it’s not nearly as hard as you might thing, because all the so-called scientific theories, which are really pseudoscience, are built on unproven theories, and they have no evidence the earth is a sphere, nor do they have real evidence that there is such a thing called gravity, or that a vacuum in “outer space” can be adjacent to the gas pressure on Earth without containment, or that there is a molten iron core, or that the Earth rotates, or that the Earth orbits the sun. Do not be put off by this grand claim, because I prove it in my 7 book flat earth series. This book will get you started in your pursuit of the Truth.

The Creation StoryMost christians have not thought about this, but God’s creation story is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to God as is made abundantly clear in the scriptures. What was the very first revelation God made of himself to us? What did he want us to know before anything else? He starts in Genesis 1:1 telling us about his creation, the Heavens and the Earth, and then he tells us how he created Adam and Eve to live on the perfect Earth he created. And you can’t miss this: Throughout the entire Bible he reminds us that HIS GLORY is revealed in his Creation. God is proud of his Creation, and if you read the Bible objectively and contemplate his Creation as he describes it, you’ll see again and again how he reminds us that he is the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, and he is our Creator, and he made the Earth to sustain life for us.

Can you imagine that the God of Creation chose to tell us about how he created the Earth before he told us anything else about eternity and the Universe? The creation story is of the utmost importance to God. Therefore, it ought to be important to us, and at a minimum, we as christians need to know what the true Bible version of creation really is. Certainly, we ought not to be endorsing a satanic counterfeit story of creation. Would not such a counterfeit of the creation story not mock the One True Living God and Creator? Of course it would. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to mock God. Far from it. I want to honor him and please him and worship him for the Great Creator God he is.

What does a christian do with the subject of flat earth? First, we need to know precisely what the scriptures say about God’s creation of the Earth. Then we can look at the science and pseudoscience, but first and foremost, we as christians need to be able to answer the question, “What does the Bible say about the creation of the Earth?” 

The first perspective is the biblical perspective, which looks at the literal statements of verses in context in the Bible, including:

  • God placed the earth and it hangs on nothing.
  • The earth has a foundation.
  • The earth never ever moves.
  • The earth sits on pillars.
  • The earth has four corners.
  • The earth has a cornerstone.
  • The earth has ends.
  • The earth is a circle, and a circle is not a sphere.
  • The firmament is a hardened substance.
  • The firmament is above the earth.
  • The sun and the moon are in the firmament.
  • The earth’s atmosphere is contained under the firmament.
  • God’s throne sits on the firmament.
  • God created the earth, but the earth is not a planet.
  • The sun rises and hurries back to its place, not the earth.

The second perspective is the “science” perspective, which looks at the pseudoscience promoted so aggressively and the true scientific method which debunks the globe earth and the heliocentric dogma, including serious and insurmountable problems of proof for the globers:

  • The oceans are provably flat.
  • Earth’s atmosphere is contained within the firmament.
  • All engineers design for flat earth and always have (i.e. the Panama Canal, etc.)
  • Commercial aircraft all fly level.
  • There is zero scientific proof the earth rotates, quite the contrary.
  • The statement that “everyone has always known the earth is a sphere” is a boldfaced lie and gross effort to rewrite history.

Won’t you join us in learning the truth about flat earth, exposing the lies, and spreading the truth? It’s a worthy cause, don’t you agree? After all, when it comes to God’s creation story, don’t you want to believe and talk about God’s true creation story rather than Satan’s counterfeit creation story?


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