Flat Earth: 50 Reasons Copernicus or The Bible


Flat Earth: 50 Reasons Copernicus or The Bible
Last Edited: 4-11-2023.

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Flat Earth: 50 Re...


Flat Earth vs Globe Earth is A Serious Debate

Flat Earth and Copernicus50 reasonsFlat Earth: “50 Reasons Copernicus or The Bible” is the work of a Godly and brilliant man by the name of Frederick Emil Pasche, who published his original book in 1915. His biblical and scientific reasoning is so good, so full of common sense, so sound in it’s analysis, I felt the world must have access to this book. He includes many excellent quotes from other scientists and theologians, and you’ll like this: Pasche gets to the point quickly in each chapter, and he writes short chapters.

That makes this book easy to read, although that doesn’t mean you will find his challenges easy to accept. The battle between Copernicans and Christians who believe in the literal interpretation of the scriptures rages on today. You may not be convinced the earth is not a sphere, and you may not be convinced the earth does not rotate or revolve, but that’s all the more reason you ought to read this book. Whatever your beliefs, it is always a good idea to be educated on the subject and the arguments. You will benefit from reading this book regardless of your beliefs today. The annotations have added some explanatory material, and you’ll appreciate the Appendix, which includes 68 verses from the Bible that all affirm a flat earth.

Flat Earth is Not a New Belief

Flat Earth and Globe Earth

Did I mention that this is an enjoyable read? It’s a fascinating read, especially because it comes from the thoughts about the flat earth controversy from a man in the early 1900’s. Heliocentrists love to say, “Oh, everyone knows the earth is a globe.” Au contraire, monsieur, for thousands of years it was believed the earth was flat, and it is only recently that the globe in a heliocentric system has been heralded as the best theory. It was 130 years after Copernicus died in 1543, the same year he published his book proposing the globe in a heliocentric system, before astronomers and scientists began to adopt Copernicus’ theories.

Going back to ancient manuscripts or just going back to early writings on a topic as important as flat earth and heliocentrism can help to put so many things in perspective. Let’s face it, we live in a time of deception and manipulation, and the legitimate question being asked by so many today in America is, “Can we trust anything our Federal Governments tells us?” Considering all the fraud and corruption, and the obvious fact that the 6 giant media companies are in bed with the Federal Government, there is a dramatic awakening happening across America, and one of the big topics that has been re-opened for review by the average Joe is the flat earth vs globe earth debate.

This is a fascinating read, and you’ll learn what many believed over a century ago in America.


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