Destroying Strongholds of The Mind: The Battlefield of The Real War


Destroying Strongholds of The Mind

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Destroying Strong...


Strongholds of the Mind Are Very Real

Freedom is a choice. And it’s a choice the break free from strongholds of the mind. It’s a much tougher choice than most people comprehend, because real freedom starts with what you choose to believe. Of course, you have a conscious ability by an act of your will to decide what to believe is true, and you do that every day, all day long. But the majority of your decisions are actually made at the subconscious level. Deep below the surface of your conscious mind is where strongholds are built.

Strongholds of the MindStrongholds of the mind that harbor false beliefs can create tremendous life long damage in your relationships, and they can destroy your ability to live a productive and happy life. False beliefs that empower destructive strongholds can come from early childhood experiences, parents, family members, education, and other influences.

I dare you to read this book. Truth has a way of crashing violently through all barriers imposed by lies. And there are plenty of lies that have been constructed carefully in the fortresses of our minds by educators, parents, Hollywood, politicians, government, and even pastors. Almost no one who has been the subject of strongholds of the mind knows they are in bondage.

Do you want to be truly free? There are people who do not want to be set free. They are afraid of what freedom might feel like. Do you want to clear out the false beliefs that have become strongholds of the mind for you, strongholds that have hindered your relationships, your success, and your happiness? Destroying strongholds in your mind is life changing, and the practical applications go way beyond your personal mental and emotional and spiritual freedom, as if that wasn’t enough to be motivated.

Do you want to see people as they really are, so you can have insight into their beliefs and why they do what they do? Do you want to see the world more clearly and be able to put current events in a proper perspective? Do you want to get rid of the anxieties and fear that have interfered with your peace and contentment in life?

Bondage to false beliefs creates strongholds in the mind that can trap you for the rest of your life. I urge you to break free from those strongholds, if you have the courage, and become the person God meant you to be. This book can’t guarantee you will immediately be set free from strongholds of the mind, but this is a good start that could put you in the right mindset to begin your journey out of bondage and into freedom.


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