Day Trading: The Greatest Con Game Ever Invented


Day Trading: The Greatest Con Game Ever Invented

A day trader shares 15 years of what it’s like to day trade and explains exactly what day trading is all about, the true success and failure rate, the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that go on to get your money, the games fund managers play, the impact of algorithms, the retirement hoax, whether day trading is addictive, and the uneven scales that are part of the Wall Street deception. Cryptocurrencies are included with a discussion of blockchains. The kind of software and hardware needed and what it takes to become a successful day trader with the hurdles you will face is explained in plain language. The author is not selling anything, but sharing his experience and his knowledge of what goes on behind the curtain, which few discover until they have been day trading for many years. This little book could save you years of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars–all for the price of a little book.


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