God Family Country in America’s Last Days


God Family Country
Last Edited 4-7-2024.

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This is about God Family Country. What will America’s last days look like? More importantly, how will Americans conduct themselves? Will there be honor, integrity, loyalty, trust? Or will there be a nation of thieves and demons driving the greatest country in history into its final glory days?

This is a story of true love, and it’s a story about redeeming love. Everyone faces hardships and sooner or later a broken heart, but finding hope to live again is not easy. Read about a family that faces the challenges and comes out with a deeper sense of what life is all about, and finds that a love that only a few ever discover. What is passionate love? Find out in this compelling family adventure, and take a step back in time when God Family Country meant something in America.

God Family Country – A Wonderful Story

God Family CountryDo you love your family and your country? You’ll love how this story moves you, and encourages you with a wholesome story that you can read to your young children without being ashamed of the language or examples. This is a story full of examples of what it means to live like a genuine Christian. You won’t find theology and Bible stories in this book, but you will find living examples of the values and faith to live by.

Want a taste of how this story moves along? Here is a snippet for your reading pleasure . . .

Suddenly the race was over, and Eden won by a margin of at least two seconds, a massive victory by competitive standards. But her “thrill of victory” was short lived. As she looked over at Nikki with excitement and a huge smile on her face, he came at her with such an intense explosion of fierceness, she stumbled back against the pool wall fearing he was going to strike her with his right hand, which was slightly raised above his waist with his palm toward her.

His hand dropped as if released from a string, and splashed into the water. He pressed forward against her so quickly it caught her off guard. Her expression of fear and excitement pleased him. Then without warning, Nikki stole a kiss on Eden’s lips so quickly and with surprising precision, Eden had no time to react or push him away. He stepped back in the waist deep water just as quickly as he had moved in.

They stood staring at each other three feet apart with no indication as to what would happen next. Time seemed to stand still, although it was only seconds. Suddenly, Eden burst into laughter, and went in for a big hug.

God and CountryEden, the competitive swimmer, and Nikki the natural athlete, were both peak performers who never did anything halfway. They took every athletic event as a contest they had to win. It was a driving force that made each of them successful in both sports and life. And even though they were lovers, they still were driven to win, and emotions almost got the best of them at the end of the pool when Nikki realized he had been beat, and beat by a woman, too. Granted, she was a champion swimmer in her college days, and she was also a beautiful woman, and his lover. Still, he didn’t like getting beat by anyone.

But the moment of heated emotions melted away in seconds to be replaced by a different kind of emotion. The contest was over, and all was forgiven. Nikki and Eden loved each other with a passion and a devotion few lovers will ever experience.

Want to read more? Of course you do. Maybe God Family Country are making a comeback.

This is a story that should be a movie. There’s no doubt about that! Maybe it will be someday . . . if America still exists.


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