The War for America’s Soul Audiobook

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Had enough yet? I originally wrote this book in 2013 with a second edition in 2018 and now 2023. I’ll bet . . . like me, you thought it was bad then. We’re on a downward spiral so fast, let’s face it, our fathers are probably turning over in their graves. The War for America’s Soul exposes the liberal template and the cowardess of Republicans. Are our best days ahead of us or behind us? This book is a thought provoking analysis and an enjoyable read. It also provides a very practical strategy to stand against these wicked democrats. My colleague Sebastian Gorka borrowed my title years after my book to publish his own version, which I encourage you to read. It’s a great title, isn’t it? I wish we had more patriots standing against evil in these biblical times. You’ll get a unique perspective here. The author, yours truly, grew up in a remote area of wild Alaska in a 900 square foot cabin. There were six of us, and we lived off the land mostly. We had no electricity that far out of town, and we had no plumbing or running water. We burned 10 cord of firewood during the long winters in our home made barrel stove to keep the cabin warm at minus 50 to minus 70 degrees below Fahrenheit. We had an outhouse that had one heckuva cold toilet seat in the winter. We lived off the meat of the Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep we hunted on foot, and we smoked Salmon and Cod to get us through the nine month long winters. We didn’t have T.V. or radio, and of course we had no technology and no Internet either. My father never had to tell me, “If we don’t cut and split enough wood for the winter, we’ll freeze to death,” or “If we don’t get enough meat and fish to last through the winter, the whole family will starve.” As a boy I just understand those things. And I knew back then in the ’60s in wild Alaska, there was no such thing as government assistance, welfare, or food stamps. Even if such programs would have been available, my father never would have accepted or applied for them. I learned a few things from my father, and I have never taken a government handout, and I’m 68 as I write this. I did leave our little Alaska town and go off to slay dragons by becoming a lawyer and businessman and author, but I wish I could live that life of my childhood in that cabin far away in Alaska again. The America I knew no longer exits today, and that’s the unique perspective I bring to this title, The War for America’s Soul. There is hope, and I share that hope. I hope you’ll join me with the many patriots who are fighting evil every day for the sake of America and our children, and for the Glory of God!


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